3,364.88 KB
Sandown Pet Store
3,571.09 KB
The Bay CE Primary School
12,831.07 KB
13,452.88 KB
SBC Junior Church
3,880.84 KB
Sandown Afternoon TG
3,794.01 KB
4th Sandown Brownies
2,144.22 KB
Yaverland Ladies Circle
3,480.03 KB
Sandown Baptist Church
2,386.37 KB
Mobility & Leisure
4,262.16 KB
Sandown Outreach Club
12,969.17 KB
14,008.51 KB
SBC catering team
2,300.52 KB
Sandown Evening TG
6,354.03 KB
5th Brownies and Sandown Carnival
12,931.39 KB
Left Side of Church
12,572.63 KB
Frozen 4th Brownies
13,055.75 KB
12,469.91 KB
Sandown Baptist Church
3,189.97 KB
Right Side of Church
12,671.00 KB
Flower Tree on Doorstep
2,262.12 KB
Ceramic Tree
3,894.18 KB
Nativity Scene
"Cradle to Cross"
3,242.68 KB
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