Where should I sit?

We do not have pews. All of our chairs are padded! Our stewards will help you find a place to sit. They won't be pushy, so ask if you need help. There are no reserved places. You can sit on any chair in the body of the sanctuary which hasn't got anyone in it! The whole of the service is relayed through speakers so you should be able to hear equally well from anywhere. If you need a good view of the screen tell the stewards.

What do those Badges & Symbols mean?
Can I Wear a T Shirt to services?
But I can't sing!
Do I need a Bible?
Do I have to give money?
How do you celebrate Communion and can I join in?
What about children and young people?
What time should I arrive?
Where should I sit?
Where are the toilets?
What about my Wheelchair?
Do you have a hearing loop?
My sight is not too good.
What about after the service?