I am indebted to the writer of the free HTML5 website freehtml5templates.co.uk ( See the links page, I used the ‘buildings’ version) . If you look at that you will find I have changed it quite a lot but the basic structure of the menus, although doubled, is still to be seen. In the slide show I just changed the pictures and captions and speeded it up a bit. My learning curve in HTML5 and CSS would not have got off the ground without that initial steer. The javascript remains something of a mystery but I am learning to use a few basic commands ( like the ‘back’ command using history). http://www.w3schools.com/ is also a useful tool.

The Graphics and type are optimised to read at 1920x1080 pixels on a desktop computer in full screen mode (I have added back buttons to make that easier). I have found that the site views best in Google Chrome or internet Explorer up to 125% magnification but that the menus tend to spill over into the next line after that. Below 85% the bottom of the background comes into view. To facilitate viewing on android and smaller screens, headings are images rather than text and sized to a percentage of the screen width. I have not found a way to do that with the menus yet. Watch this space!

I have tried to put this site together with the minimum of bells gongs and whistles. In this my plan has been to keep the writing big and friendly and to keep the number of words on a page down. The look is supposed, without resorting to fancy graphics, to resemble index cards. Most of the pictures will be replaced with new ones as they are taken. Again – Watch this space!

Please direct any queries to me on the contact page . John Graney, Webmaster 25/11/2014